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1. DO – Make as much of your costume as possible. It will fit you better, it will look cool (assuming you or one of your friends/family can sew) and people will go “Dude, you made that yourself? Gnarly!”
Yes, there are some really good cosplay outfits on the internet, but then it kind of takes half the fun out of cosplaying, if all you did was buy it off eBay or Amazon or something.
Most cosplay competitions will disqualify you if you lie about making your costume (and they will catch you because they have special powers) and then you’ll look silly.

2. DON’T – let people tell you you’re too fat to cosplay. (Well, unless you’re, er,  too fat to cosplay.) Just because anorexic is cool in anime world doesn’t mean you have to be. Also, curves are NOT the same thing as flab! However…

3. REALLY DON’T – wear a skimpy outfit that will make you… ahem, bulge. It’s not a pretty sight, and there’s really no excuse, because by the time you reach the age of wanting to cosplay, you should be able to dress yourself properly. Examples of skimpy outfits include, but are not limited to Faye Valentine, Rikku, Fran, Tifa, and Sailor Moon. Yes, Sailor Moon. Practically skin-tight outfits count too.
Remember, while adding a bit more coverage to a borderline outfit might make it less accurate, your wobbly bits will thank you for it.

4. DO – dye your hair or buy a wig or something, if your hair isn’t the right colour. It’s so worth it, especially if you put heaps of effort into the rest of your costume. That being said, LOOK AFTER YOUR DAMN WIG. There are quite a few tutorials on wig-care on the web that might help you.

5. DON’T – Let anyone tell you you’re the ‘wrong colour’ to play >insert character name here<. So Namine from Kingdom Hearts isn’t asian/African American/Hispanic. So what? You won’t look just like her, but that doesn’t mean you won’t look FABULOUS. ‘Sides, anybody who actually looks like an anime or game character is either blessed with good looks or cursed with freakishly huge eyes.
Of course some silly people will tell you ‘uhh, Namine is white’. (Like you couldn't figure that out for yourself, thanks.)You’ll just have to get used to it, I’m afraid.

Oh, and the myth that only Asian people can cosplay is just that – a myth. That’s like saying only British people eat fish and chips. Whoever said only Asians can cosplay well needs a jolly good bop on the head with a newspaper.

6. DON’T – get upset if/when people stare at you to and from the convention. You’re dressed like a fictional character, for Pete’s sake. Just because you look splendiferous doesn’t mean you don’t look WEIRD.

7. DON’T – Get a friend to cosplay with you because you know they suck and will make you look good. Jackass.

8. DO – actually LOOK at the character you intend to cosplay. Continue looking at them throughout the design and construction process. Pay attention to details. Use tutorials for the things you don’t know, like weapons and such. Don’t miss out on the little details that make the costume unique. Things like buttons, buckles, belts, fastenings, shiny bits, and ribbons DO matter.

9. DO – Choose the right kind of fabric. This sounds really obvious, but ‘fake’ looking costumes tend to use the wrong kind of fabrics. Granted, better fabric costs more money (which can make a real difference if you’re on a budget) and with most anime there’s a lot of guesswork involved. (Like does L wear blue joggers or jeans?) Just use your head and you’ll be fine.
Oh, and conventions tend to get rather hot. Unless you like the idea of massive sweat patches all over your costume, use light, breathable fabric. You’ll thank yourself for it, I promise.

10. DO – Wear underwear. I wish I was kidding.

11. DON’T – Verbally abuse other cosplayers. Ever. Even if they look terrible. Remember, it’s not your place to judge them. If they know they look terrible, the last thing they need is for you to rub it in. Unless they don’t care, and then you’ll just be wasting your breath.

12. DO – carry an emergency sewing kit with you, especially if you’ve entered a contest or your costume is really fragile. If you take one with you, then – murphy’s law – you probably won’t even need it. If that’s not a reason to have one, I don’t know what is. Also, you can lend it to someone that DOES need it, and earn like a million brownie points.

13. DO – check your costume after you go to the bathroom. The real Sephiroth wouldn’t walk around with his fly down, and I’ve never seen Chii with her skirt tucked into her knickers, mmkay?

14. DO – Let creepy fangirls get their picture taken with you. We – I mean they get their kicks out of it and they’ll love you forever. If you pick up an unwanted stalker, then relocate yourself to a safer place. Or tell them you hate anime, or something.

15. DON’T – use the same pose for every photo. Work it like a supermodel! Practice the trickier poses so you don’t end up falling on your face and knocking yourself out. And use your imagination! Remember, nothing looks worse than a badass character pulling the peace sign. Not to mention you’ll lose your con-cred! (That’s like street-cred only geekier.)

16. DO – expect people to try and get you to do yaoi/yuri photographs. If you want to do it, then the fan-girls will love you for it, but if you’re not comfortable with it, then it’s okay to say no. Just be polite and firm, and if people start getting creepy, tell them to take a hike.

17. DON’T – cry. You’ll ruin your make-up, darling!

18. DO – Roleplay/act in character if you want to. That’s half the fun of cosplaying! Just try not to be embarrassingly bad.

19. DO – try cosplaying a character that you think doesn’t get enough love. If they’re not very well-known, you might want to carry a picture of the actual character with you for anyone that asks ‘who the hell are you?’. Still, if you want to be recognised, don’t pick the most obscure character you can think of from some unknown manga from the ‘70s.

20. DO – take food and drink (or money) with you to the convention. Nothing kills your fun more than fainting in the middle of having your picture taken.

21. DO – give yourself plenty of time to make your costume. Nothing sucks more than being too tired to enjoy the convention because you were up all night fixing up your costume, because you only got round to making it a week ago.

20. Lighten up, it’s just fashion! It’s fashion! Faaaashion! Lighten up, it’s just faaashion!
DOs and DON'Ts of Cosplay
NEW READ ME AS OF 2016 Hey so, it's been YEARS since I posted this weird numbered rant (For the love of god don't put any faith in me and call it a guide, I'm just a weirdo with broadband) and I'm noticing this theme of "I think I look kind of crap and I need advice!" in the comments, and okay, I KNOW I made facetious jokes about bulging and whatnot, but... okay, you people know how to dress yourselves. Heck, you've sewn your own freaking costume, that itself is amazing. Props (heh, I made a funny) to you for that.
Here's the thing - I haven't cosplayed in years, but I sometimes come back to read the comments because hey, it's kind of awesome that this silly thing I wrote years ago is still getting the odd click. (it's the only reason I keep my DA account logged in, so you should jolly well feel special.)
So here's the deal: take my advice with mountainous piles of salt. Treat it like that silly rant up there with the messed up numbers because I'm too lazy to change them.

But if you take ONE thing I ever have to say seriously, please PLEASE let it be this: you are awesome, you look awesome, your costume is awesome, your dedication to your fandom is awesome and when you get to your convention or whatever, you should FEEL awesome, because regardless of wigs, makeup, bigass foam props, underwear malfunctions, and whether or not your genes are screwed up enough to make you look like the character you're trying to be...

...You did it. You went out and cosplayed and were awesome and supportive to each other and looked out for one another and took heaps of photos and ate too much candy and probably spent too much on memorabilia... 

I love cosplayers <3


>> OLD READ ME<< Bullying or discrimination is never cool. Neither is indecent exposure.

Now go back to sewing your costume. (Seriously, if that costume isn't the best thing in the entire goddamn universe I will be very disappoint.)

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